Questions for Your Sitter

There are so many questions to consider when interviewing babysitters for your children. Bringing a new person into your home is a big deal, especially if they will be caring for your children. I have been researching various mother’s blogs and babysitting agency sites to determine what questions parent’s are asking their potential sitter and what you as a parent should be asking when searching for that perfect family match.

Each week I am going to be posting a series of 3 questions parents have been and should be asking their potential sitter with an explanation of why so many people find these questions so imperative!

These questions are also important for sitters. It is always good to be prepared for whatever question may come your way. At Sitters on Park LLC, we have each of our sitters complete a formal application containing many of the questions I will be posting. We also have an in-person interview to ask more questions in need of a longer, well thought out explanation that will allow the sitter to reflect on her past experiences.

1.What are her qualifications?

Ask the sitter how many years of experience they have working with children. It is important to know if they have any kind of certifications or taken any courses that make them more favorable, and valuable, as a sitter. Certifications that are very important for a babysitter to have are: CPR, First Aid, and Babysitting.

2. Is there an age-range with which she is most comfortable?

Not all sitters are comfortable with children of all ages. Some may only have experience working with infants and newborns while others may have never changed a diaper. Get a feel for the various age groups your sitter has worked with.

3.Can she provide references?

It may be reason for suspicion if a sitter tells you she has experience but cannot provide you with references. This either means she has had bad reviews in the past, or, has falsely built her work portfolio.