Questions for Your Sitter

There are so many questions to consider when interviewing babysitters for your children. Bringing a new person into your home is a big deal, especially if they will be caring for your children. I have been researching various mother’s blogs and babysitting agency sites to determine what questions parent’s are asking their potential sitter and what you as a parent should be asking when searching for that perfect family match.

Each week I am going to be posting a series of 3 questions parents have been and should be asking their potential sitter with an explanation of why so many people find these questions so imperative!

These questions are also important for sitters. It is always good to be prepared for whatever question may come your way. At Sitters on Park LLC, we have each of our sitters complete a formal application containing many of the questions I will be posting. We also have an in-person interview to ask more questions in need of a longer, well thought out explanation that will allow the sitter to reflect on her past experiences.

1.What are her qualifications?

Ask the sitter how many years of experience they have working with children. It is important to know if they have any kind of certifications or taken any courses that make them more favorable, and valuable, as a sitter. Certifications that are very important for a babysitter to have are: CPR, First Aid, and Babysitting.

2. Is there an age-range with which she is most comfortable?

Not all sitters are comfortable with children of all ages. Some may only have experience working with infants and newborns while others may have never changed a diaper. Get a feel for the various age groups your sitter has worked with.

3.Can she provide references?

It may be reason for suspicion if a sitter tells you she has experience but cannot provide you with references. This either means she has had bad reviews in the past, or, has falsely built her work portfolio.

Cutie Pie Clothing

As a babysitter I have come across so many adorable outfits (a much needed improvement from my American Doll looking wardrobe that my mother insisted upon dressing me in). While Interning at Parenting magazine, I happened to become obsessed with onesies. They are such statement pieces that are easy to where and easy to change on the every moving, crawling, whining baby. Etsy is perhaps my favorite website for these pieces and I happen to stumble upon one from a favorite children’s book- “Where the Wild Things Are.”

This way, even though your children aren’t at an age of fashion appreciation, you can feel comfortable in knowing they look absolutely adorable. The trend setters of the nursery!

Mom’s Night Out

This week is fashion week in Winter Park. That means many people (particularly those fashionistas of the community) will be encouraged to stride out and about and flaunt those outfits saved for special occasions. For the moms who are taking advantage of some much needed time celebrating and putting their hectic lives on pause, this week is critical. When you are perusing around Park Avenue and Downtown Orlando it is hard to watch your waistline when elite restaurants with gastro-chic menus and cocktails are at your every turn. I came across a small but delicious list of cocktails that are friendly to your figure and your lipstick stained lips.

These great cocktail recipes and recommendations can be found at:

My personal favorite is the elderflower cocktail:


  • 8 tablespoons elderflower, concentrate or syrup
  • 2 cups champagne – extra-dry, or Brut
  • 2 cups seltzer
  • 8 sprig(s) mint, fresh – or edible flowers, for garnish

Mama on the Move

Just because you are a mother, you are not prevented from wearing the latest styles this fall. It is the time to invest in layers: scarves, khaki jackets, blazers, high boots, and accessories. You can still look like you walked out of an Elle editorial even if you are juggling after school activities, sorts practices, homework help, and prepping dinner. You are a Jack of all trades and should embrace your talents by dressing like a celebrity.

Courtney Kardashian, recent mother of two, was seen here walking the streets in New York City with her amazing fall accessories (and yes a Starbucks coffee cup and pastry bag do count)

Books of our Childhood

I don’t know about anyone else, but my mother and I have a strange connection to the books she read to me as a child. I understand why I have an attachment to them but am still confused as to why my mother would not want to tosh them the first chance she had. Most of her stories about reading to me as a child involved her attempting to teach me how to read and me resisting like an army. It brings me back to the days that I solely chose what book I would check out of the library by the cover (I still do that sometimes…we all do…but back then it was if the cover was pink or resembling a Lisa Frank design). Ironically enough I hated to read as a child. It was a daily struggle. Now I just wish I had more time in my day to read (even if it is just a 10 page children’s book tucked away in a book shelf at my parent’s house).

The other day when I was on Pinterest (yes, I am an avid pinner and really do not understand how I would have served my days through several internships without it) I cam across the cover of one of my old favorites. At the time I just found it terrifying. Now, looking back, I can see and understand the message. It is a great book after all and one that should be read to all children. The title? “Miss Nelson is Missing.” You just might have heard of it before.

You Month!

It is that time of year again- back to school. As a mom you are nothing short of Super Woman; waking up early to make their lunch and get them ready for school, taking them to after school activities, running errands at any opportunity you have, making dinner, helping with homework, and the list goes on! It is a wonder how you get everything on the to do list done (well almost everything) without missing a beat. But don’t forget the world has women for a reason and that’s to keep the world spinning around.

Although every day can be stressful and provide difficult and forever changing boundaries, it is important to think about you as not just a mother but a women. This is the time, now more than ever, to do something fro yourself. Whether it is listening to Natalie Merchant and the 10,000 maniacs in a bubble bath while sipping a wine cooler or engaging in a new work out routine.

I am a member of my local YMCA and I do not know what I would do with all my extra stress and frustration without the gym. To me, taking a 3 mile run at the end of a long day is almost euphoric. I know not everyone enjoys this strenuous activity as much as I do and that is why trainers have created innovative ways to exercise and get out all that negative energy pent up throughout the day. This needs to be you time so go ahead, take a Zumba class or Power Yoga. Try out a Strength Training course or morning boot camp (ok maybe that is too much, at least fro me it is but you get the idea). Do something for you this month ladies!

Back to School

It’s that time of year again. Summer is coming to an end and the new school year is beginning. Every parent remembers when they were their child’s age and were starting to feel the back to school jitters setting in. The constant worry of what this year will be like, new subjects to learn, new tests to take, and new people to meet (or just redeeming yourself for some practical jokes made at the expense of your old classmates). With all these new things occurring in your child’s life, it is hard to accept the fact that you may also need to bring a new sitter into the mix to watch your child once the school day is over. That is what we are here for! We are the super heroes of sitting and are here for parents every beck and call. As some of ours sitters are getting over their back to school jitters as well, they are also extremely eager to meet and sit for new families in Winter Park.

So, if you are a parent living in the area of Winter Park and are looking for a fun and charismatic sitter to not only play with your child but help them with their after school studies, please contact Sitters on Park (407)490.4205. You many also visit our website at to learn more information on this small but growing local business!