Three Things

As the weather is getting warmer and the spring sun is starting to shin just a bit brighter, I cannot avoid thinking about the fact that I need to start getting myself into bikini body shape. I am a pretty healthy girl and always watch what I eat (well not always…) and maintain a consistent workout schedule throughout the week. I still feel like this summer is coming out of no where and I am not even close to being ready for it.

Getting your body bikini ready is not only about dieting (I have never been a fan of that word). It is about adopting a healthy and consistent diet that is one you and your body can adhere to and not run away from any chance you get. “Diets” are offered followed by guilt. Avoid the guilt and just start eating foods that fill you up and make you feel great such as whole grains, raw fruits and nuts, lean protein, and plenty of organic vegetables.

I have always found the weekends to be my moments of dietary failure- especially Sunday brunch. I came across this idea for doughnut hole and fruit skewers which looks amazing! To make this recipe lean, try replacing the glazed doughnut holes with plain whole wheat ones (or just plain cake flavor if your local bakery does not have whole wheat). Add a drizzle of local or organic honey or try a light or Greek yogurt on the side for dipping sauce to moisten it up.

Donuthole skewers

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When I am at the gym I often get stuck in a workout routine rut and become easily bored of the routines I am working through. I found an article in Women’s Health magazine that provides a series of great workouts for your abs to get that flat tummy you are looking for to fill out that yellow polka dot bikini that is still hiding in your drawer.

Bikini body

Check it Out!

Finally, after a long day of working, watching what you eat, and going to the gym it is time for some much needed R&R. I find so often that my environment is ultimately what inspires me or fails to motivate me to get things done. Days I work from home I have to know that everything is cleaned and in its right place before I can really get my head in the game. My desk is always organized and I usually try to mix in some fun decorative pieces that inspire me or magazines that might help the creative waves to flow if I am caught up in a project. When it comes to reading, I love having that special place where it is just me and my books. Think about putting together a nice reading nook in your home that can not only inspire you to pick up that novel you’ve been dying to read, but your family too.

reading nook

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