Three Things

It is Easter weekend and here are three things I will be thinking about over the next few days:

1.)Pastels: Now that Spring is officially on it’s way I am ready to pull out my favorite pastels from my closet (after doing some much needed spring cleaning of course…). Embrace the end of winter by incorporating pops of color into your wardrobe such as lavender, mint greens, and baby soft pinks and blues. Adding these colors can be as simple as treating yourself to a brand new colorful designer handbag for all your weekend excursions.

Pastel Handbag

2.) Wedding Season: Wedding season has definitively started and I have already be unfortunate to miss one of the major weddings I was invited to out in Santa Barbara, CA. It was for my best high school friend Joe and I absolutely felt terrible I could not get out there to support him on his special day. Traveling for weddings is not an easy feat when you are a struggling, early twenty something so don’t feel bad if you can’t make it to a wedding or two this season. Remind yourself just how important it is to save up! BUT if you do end up making it to a wedding, check out the brides floral choices as each flower truly has its own significance.

Flower Arrangement

Courtesy of:

3.) Bunnies: I have always loved Easter for one BIG reason: the BUNNY! I could not wait to get up early and start the Easter egg hunt my parents had set up around the yard for me as a child. All the different bright pinks and oranges bursting from the grass and in between tree branches made me the happiest kid on earth. After the big Easter egg hunt, have a special surprise for your little ones: Bunny Pancakes- yummy and adorable.

Bunny Pancakes

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