The Convert

Trying to get kids to eat their vegetables is no easy feat, but let’s face it, neither is it for adults. We all crave the bad and the terrible. Oh yeah, I am talking about the french fries, late night hot dogs at one of those deliciously smelling stands on the sidewalk that in clear day you gawk at in disgust, and that cheesy pizza bread. All things so amazing in the moment but so regretful hours later.

I was a vegetarian for about 5 years (not easy and obviously not completely well worth it as I converted back to join my fellow carnivores). In that time I also did my best to avoid those “evil” fried, greasy foods that I so often wanted. Those foods that seemed to hate my waistline and more so, my better judgement. I had to search for an ulterior solution, something innovative to crack the code of the fried food item! That’s when I learned about the Panko bread crumb craze…

I fell victim.  I began loving to coat my vegetables with the crunchy, airy goodness that is Panko and baking them until they reached their peak golden perfection. I came across a recipe this morning for Panko baked avocado fries and I must say, it looks delicious. I have not had the opportunity to test this recipe out yet but I have to say that the contrast of the buttery, delicate sweetness of the avocado and the crunch and texture of the Panko crumb sounds genius!


Check out this site for the recipe:

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