Donuts Minus the Fryer


Not only children like sweets. Just about every person I know has a sweet tooth, some great weakness they just cannot seem to fight. For me personally, that demon is chocolate. I just cannot seem to pass it up when it catches my eye (making waiting in line at grocery stores almost intolerable at times of vulnerability). It is also nearly impossible to find a satisfyingly sweet treat that does not seem terrible for you. Baked goods always seem to get a bad rep mainly because if they are not fried or sugar coated, they have about 3 sticks of butter (just the way Ms. Paula Deen likes it!).

Thankfully I came across a recipe for a doughnut that surprisingly was neither of these things,making it a healthy but satisfy sweet treat for anyone to enjoy. I found this amazing recipe on Jamie’s Kitchen for her Banana Chocolate Chip no fryer need doughnuts. Check out the following link to see how you can make them in your kitchen:

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