Design by Nursery

I have failed to keep up with my posts over the past couple months due to the craziness that is the holiday season, but I am back! As an intern for Parenting magazine a couple summers ago, I was responsible for researching various article ideas ranging in topics from baby safe foods to trendy clothing and room designs. Throughout my days researching in cubicles and flipping through magazines, I have seen so many modern and chic nursery designs that would appeal to all kinds of design tastes across the map. My person taste has developed into one that is modern, chic, and clean. The less clutter the better, which is especially the case when a baby is involved. Between the bottles and diapers, the last thing a parent needs is more clutter. I have put together a collage of nursery’s that will make a mom actually appreciate spending so much time in there with her little bundle of joy.

Nursery Collage1 Nursery Collage 2Nursery Collage 3Nursery Collage 4

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